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An inflatable and lightweight podium.
From € 1,500.40
This AirBoard evolution will give your training the boost you need!
From € 445.00
Revolutionary set-up time and easily transported!
From € 4,011.15
AirFloor Home XL
Home use 2020 line
The original gymnastics floor for training at home, now even longer!
From € 549.00
AirTrack Spark
Home use 2020 line
New ! The AirTrack Spark. The biggest home equipment!
From € 1,203.95
Holds an AirRoll in place for comfortable training. Fits all AirRoll sizes.
From € 119.79
Small: fits the AirBoard, AirBlock, AirRolls & blowers.
From € 27.22
The AirTrack Take Off set is a combination of the new AirRoll Take Of and an 8 meter AirTrack P3. This basic set can be upgraded with the AirBox Set and the AirIncline.
From € 4,265.25
This inflatable ramp is a great and versatile piece of equipment to practise the basics of gymnastics!
From € 998.25
The AirRoll is developed to help gymnasts learn front- and backfips.
From € 216.59
This portable set is a combination of 3 small AirTrack P3 (0.3 m high) elements that can be used as standalone equipment or on top of an AirTrack.
From € 1,542.75
The AirJump set is our most multi-purpose training equipment.
From € 4,386.25
The round versions of our AirFloor, AirTrack P2 and AirTrack P3.
From € 192.00
OV10 Blower inflates up to 250 mbar.
From € 119.79
AirTrack Training Set
Home use 2020 line
This set of 3 tracks and an AirRoll provides you with unlimited training variations!
From € 789.00
Home use 2020 line
Gain confidence on the beam without risking major injuries!
From € 209.00
Provides a smooth transition to the mat.
From € 579.59
Pressure gauge that measures up to 250 mbar. Fits all our inflatable objects.
From € 119.79
Seamless connection between mats. Available for mats 10, 20 or 30 cm thick. 10 cm (P1) version comes with or without foam.
From € 36.30
Transport your AirTrack with ease! Size 100 x 70 x 40 cm.
From € 411.40
The foot pump is suitable for all smaller AirTrack Factory products
From € 23.60
Home use 2020 line
The new springboard!
From € 159.01
Home use 2020 line
More bounce!
From € 189.00
High volume output blower for large objects, up to 90 mbar.
From € 258.94
If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your skills faster than ever, you’ve found it!
From € 3,078.24
AirFloor Home
Home use 2020 line
The original gymnastics floor for training at home! Our most popular product.
From € 369.00
The 30 cm thick AirTrack P3 is our most versatile track.
From € 2,413.95
AirTrack Training Set - Home Edition
Home use 2020 line
Take your training home with the versatile Training Set Home Edition
From € 659.00
The 20cm thick track for average - advanced athletes.
From € 2,250.60
The 10 cm thick AirFloor is our thinnest track.
From € 1,143.45